Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cospicky wig review

Lovelive - Nishikino Maki Cosplay Wig CP153226

Hello everyone, today I will be reviewing Maki wig that was kindly sponsored to me by Cospicky.
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About the product:
  • lenght: 44cm/17.32"
  • weight: about 0.3kg
  • made out of heat-resistant fiber
  • free wig cap is given

Shipping was standard, took around 3-4 weeks for the wig to arrive. Wig arrived in safety net, packed in a plastic bag with the wig cap.

Wig is very true to the pictures shown on the website, the color and the lenght is really accurate. It's thick and soft, the fibers are amazing and great quality! Bangs are long, they come all the way to my chin. Style really matches Maki's hairstyle it's just a bit longer, but you can choose to cut it or leave it at that lenght. It looks great either way. The wig fits perfectly and it is really easy to style. This is how the wig looks like unstyled and uncut.

The back is long enough and the ends curl up a bit so you will have to do minimal styling for a perfect Maki cosplay.

I really love this wig it is wonderful, the quality, the color, the lenght everything is just perfect so my overall score is 5/5 stars for it! :)

I highly recommend Cospicky, their service is great, they reply fast and are willing to answer every question you have. They sell wigs, cosplays, everyday wear, accessories and everything is top quality!

Thank you @klmbear for these amazing photos, and thank you all for reading!

Miccostumes cosplay review

Black Butler Season 3 Ciel Phantomhive Gray Cosplay Costume

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review Ciel Phantomhive cosplay costume which was sponsored to me by Miccostumes.

About the product:
  • Product Number: Black_Butler_C_9
  • Included items: shorts, shirt, vest, coat, gloves, eyepatch
  • Sizes: Male/Female XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Custom made: +$20
  • Price: $65.99
  • Care Instructions: Handwash in cold water. Line dry.
 The cosplay came in nicely folded in a plastic bag. Shipping took around 3-4 weeks so it was standard. You can also choose to have your cosplay delivered by express shipping. I took size S since I am rather short (165cm) and it fits me so well! The colors, materials and the design are wonderful. It is very accurate compared to the original design and the pictures shown on the website. The whole costume is really comfortable and easy to put on. Most of the costume is made of uniform cloth, if I'm not wrong, and the back part of the coat and the shirt are made out of silky material. Eyepatch and the gloves are made out of fake leather. This is how the costume looks like front, side and back.

The costume arrived undamaged and the quality is just amazing! When I read all the parts that come with this cosplay there wasn't eyepatch included, and I was really surprised when it arrived with the cosplay and it was really well made! 

I was a bit worried that the gloves won't fit me since I ordered some gloves online before from E-bay and they didn't really fit, but these were just perfect! 

I also really love the rose on the striped collar on the shirt. It is attached by small velcro part under the rose and it's sewn to the shirt on the back.

The vest is really comfortable, it is just a bit bigger on the sides but it's not noticable so I won't have to narrow it. 

Shirt is really comfortable and I like the material it is made of. There are pleats around the neck and on the chest. Part of the sleeve is wide it looks like little skirts on hands, I don't really know how to explain it I'm so sorry for my limited English. But here is a picture. 

Overall I am very satisfied with this cosplay and the Miccostumes service. They reply really fast and are really kind! Ciel was my first anime cosplay and I always wanted to improve him and redo the whole cosplay but I never did, so thank you Miccostumes for this great chance! :)
Right now I am waiting for my actual Ciel wig to arrive and I am going to have a real photoshoot soon so I'm looking forward to that! 
Anyway, I highly recommend buying your cosplays from Miccostumes, they sell large variety of costumes, wigs, props and everything you need for your perfect cosplay! Plus the prices are great for the quality you get!

Costume link:

Special thanks to @klmbear for taking these pictures for my review. 

Thank you for reading and here is a Cielfie for you. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Uniqso wig review

Cosplay Wig - Touken Ranbu Online - Tsurumaru Kuninaga

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review this amazing wig sponsored by Uniqso.
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About the product:
  • Wig color: Silver Gray
  • Wig Lenght: 40cm
  • Type: 100% heat resistant fibre
  • Size: One Size
  • Product Code: WGCS-231M
  • Price: $26.90

It took about 3 weeks for wig to arrive. It arrived folded inside out with wig net over it packed in plastic bag.

Wig is really thick and soft, which makes styling super easy. Bangs are long enough so you can use it for other characters such as Makishima from Psycho Pass or Grey from Kuroshitsuji. The quality is amazing! Sides and back are layered to match Tsurumaru's hairstyle, but a bit longer. The color is beautiful silverish gray.

These pictures show how the wig color looks indoor and outdoor. 

You can see on the picture above how long is the bottom part and how does the wig look on the back. And a picture from studio of me wearing the wig.

I am super happy with this wig and Uniqso service, they reply fast so if you have any questions about their products feel free to e-mail them! 


Thank you for reading!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pinky Paradise Lens review

  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.9mm
  • Life Span: 1 year
  These lenses were sponsored to me by Pinky Paradise. I am in love with them! They came in sealed glass vials. The design is really cool since they are yeallow but look really natural because of the brown parts mixing in. My eyes are naturally green so these lenses look really light on them, I plan to wear them for my yellow eyed character's cosplays. If your eyes are brown they are not gonna seem so yellow. They are not really comfortable if you have to wera them for more than 8 hours, but for less than that they are good to go!
Overall Rate: 4/5 stars
Special thanks to @klmbear for photos!
Thank you for reading!

Optyk Rozmus lens review

•monthly lenses
•only zero power
•BC/ DIA 8.60/ 14.5
•55% water content
•price: 27.71$

Very natural looking pair of lenses. My eyes are green so they slightly enhace their color making them look more fresh and little bigger. I really like the color of the lenses and the dark outer edge make them blend so well. They are recommended for green eyes as color enhancers but they will look great with any light colored eyes! I expected them to be slightly bigger, but this size makes them good for everyday use since they are very comfortable. Shipping was really fast and they are super nice and kind, I definitely recommend their store!
Rate: 4/5 ⭐

Special thanks to @klmbear for the photos!
Thank you for reading!

Optyk Rozmus lens review

•monthly lenses
•only zero power
•BC/ DIA 8.60/ 14.5
•55% water content
•price: 27.71$

I really love the color of these lenses! They look so natural and blend very well with my green eyes giving them deep exotic look. The darker outer edge slightly enlarges, I wish they are a bit bigger tho, but they are great for everyday use! If your eyes are green or bright I really recommend them! They are super comfortable, I wore them for 8 hours and my eyes didn’t get dry at all. Shipping is really fast, and the staff of the store is really nice and kind, I definitely recommend their store!
Rate: 4/5 ⭐

Special thanks to @klmbear for the photos!
Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wig is Fashion review

10" Short Layered Blonde Fashion Synthetic Hair Wig KI14

 Hello everyone, today I will review this beautiful wig that was kindly sponsored to me by Wig is Fashion.

About the product:
  • Style Code: KI14
  • Color:  Blonde
  • Size:  One Size
  • Length:  10 inches or 25 cm
  • Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Heat Resistant: 150C Heat Resistant
  • Price: $17.00 USD

Shipping was standard, it arrived in 3 weeks. The company staff is really kind and they are willing to answer any of your questions. It arrived folded inside out with wig net over it packed in plastic bag.

The wig looks exactly like in the picture which was great since I have been searching for this color for so long and now I finally got it! The color looks bit different indoors where it’s more ash blonde and outdoors where is more sand blonde, but it’s gorgeous both ways.

Wig is really thick and you can’t even see the wefts when you move it aside. The bangs are longer so you can wear them swept to the side or even cut them and wear them on front! The fiber is really soft and easy to style and cut so it can be used for various characters in cosplay. I am going to use it for my Sata Kyouya and Haruka Tenoh cosplays which I plan to do soon. This is how the wig looks unstyled:

I am very happy with this wig and this company in general, their wigs are really high quality and their prices are affordable, I highly recommend them!

Thank you for reading, and thank you Wig Is Fashion for sponsoring me this wonderful wig, I love it!
You can find Wig Is fashion on these links:
If you are purchasing at Wig Is Fashion you can use my link:

It would really mean a lot! Thanks!